Bank refinancing loans

If it is not possible to restructure the debt of the current lender, citizens can improve the conditions for credit obligations in Bank, reducing the monthly payment and the percentage overpayment. Depending on whether the borrower is in the category of payroll clients, the conditions of the program will vary. Refinancing of consumer loans in Bank is especially in demand, as they allow not only to close an unprofitable loan, but also to receive a part of funds in cash as additional financing.

Refinancing rules in Bank

Refinancing rules in Bank

A feature of refinancing a loan in Bank is the ability not only to improve the conditions for repaying a loan debt, but also to receive an additional amount on extremely favorable terms. In the future, this amount can be spent by the client to meet their current needs or to close other loans, at their discretion.

Each bona fide borrower who has made timely payments under existing contracts is more likely to have the approval of the bank in the following areas:

  • consumer loan;
  • mortgage with the possibility of changing the currency of lending;
  • car loan.

The advantages of the loan refinancing program in Bank include the following characteristics:

  • the amount of the new credit line may exceed the loan balance in another financial institution, which will allow the use of an additional amount allocated with a minimum overpayment for the use of borrowed funds;
  • Significant amounts of the new loan will allow you to successfully repay even large loans without additional approvals and fees;
  • registration and issuance of funds made without commission;
  • the client has the right to establish any day of making a regular payment, taking into account the date of receipt of wages or other sources of income;
  • the program allows you to freely make additional amounts to repay, without limiting the amount and without charging fines and fees;
  • due to the wide representation of the financial institution and close cooperation with many large credit organizations throughout the country, refinancing is available for the majority of citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • an attractive interest rate will save on overpayment when using borrowed funds, which has a positive effect on the financial situation of the client;
  • in addition to ordinary individuals, legal entities that borrowed in other institutions can refinance loan obligations.

Based on the type of loan agreement and the category of client, the terms of the loan will vary.

Consumer loan refinancing

Consumer loan

Even if the amount of debt for untargeted consumer
the loan is quite significant, there are high chances to achieve a review of conditions with an increase in the total maturity of up to 5 years. The minimum amount of refinanced debt is from 50 thousand rubles, but if necessary, they allocate up to 2 million rubles, which will not only pay off the first lender, but also use additional funds without the need to agree on the purpose of spending the balance.

The percentage charged for the use of the loan is set based on the category of the borrower and the duration of the new contract:

  1. The standard rate is 13.5% per annum with a loan amount less than 600 thousand rubles, if the loan size exceeds 600 thousand rubles, the general rate is set at 17%.
  2. If the client receives a salary on a Bank card, the rate is 14% (if the loan amount is within 600 thousand rubles) or 12% (if the established limit is exceeded).
  3. For corporate clients who are employees of partner companies, there is a preferential offer depending on the loan amount – 13-16% per annum.

Mortgage refinancing

Mortgage refinancing

For borrowers who have bought mortgage housing, there is a special loan offer on the following conditions:

  1. The minimum rate of 10.75% per annum.
  2. If a mortgage loan was taken in a foreign currency, the bank proposes to transfer the loan to the ruble equivalent, protecting against the risks associated with rate jumps.
  3. The loan amount in Bank is limited to ½ of the total value of the acquired housing.
  4. The discount offer applies to borrowers who have entered into an insurance contract for real estate and personal insurance.

The loan calculator will help to evaluate the advantages of this financial institution. With it, you can calculate in advance the amount that you can count on in Bank when refinancing loans from other banks, as well as clarify the estimated amount of the monthly payment.

If the size of the approved credit line exceeds the borrower’s debt balance, the surplus can be used without separate coordination with Bank.

The main condition for maintaining a low interest on the loan will be full repayment of loan obligations to the first lender and prompt notification of the bank employee. After the previous bank terminates the contract, it is necessary to take documents confirming the absence of financial claims and closing the credit account.

Repayment order

Repayment order

Payments for this program are made in accordance with the schedule of payments, each month in equal amounts.

At the conclusion of the contract, the client receives the right to choose the optimal period for making the next monthly payment, based on the date of payment of salary or other sources of income.

Debt repayment terms are quite flexible – the client can deposit any amounts in excess of the minimum, in accordance with the schedule. Early replenishment of the account and cancellation of the debt occurs without additional fees or penalties.

By providing better repayment terms, the financial institution insists on strict adherence to the deadlines for making regular payments in accordance with the established schedule. In addition to a damaged credit history, the delay will be the reason for the daily charge of a penalty in the amount of 0.05% of the size of the debt.

How to make?

How to make?

It is not difficult to refinance the debt on a loan taken in another financial institution, if the borrower meets the parameters of the financial organization and acts in the following sequence:

  1. The citizen notifies his current creditor about his intention to terminate the contract ahead of schedule, with full payment of the debt and accrued interest at the expense of funds provided in Bank through refinancing loans.
  2. A candidate for a loan fills out a loan application and sends it to the bank via an online request on the official website or when you personally visit the nearest branch. At the slightest difficulty, a potential client can call the hotline and get a preliminary consultation on the possibility of participating in refinancing.
  3. At the request of the bank information from the application must be supported by documents.
  4. If a positive decision is made, the employee of the financial institution contacts the prospective borrower and specifies the details of the upcoming paperwork and agreed loan parameters.
  5. The bank branch provides a complete set of documentation and sign a loan agreement.
  6. After registration of the loan, the borrower undertakes to repay the debt to another lender in a short period of time, or Bank independently organizes a non-cash transfer of the required amount.
  7. If the agreed amount was higher than the balance of the debt, the funds are transferred to the client’s personal disposal.

High chances to get bank approval from those who are payroll or corporate clients.

If the client does not receive a salary in this financial institution, before you make an application, you should find out how the candidate meets the requirements.

On a general basis, an online refinancing request may be made by individuals who meet the following parameters:

  1. Availability of registration in the city where there is a branch or representative office of the bank.
  2. Russian citizenship.
  3. The minimum age limit is 22 years.
  4. The maximum age at the time of full repayment is 70 years, which makes it possible to review the conditions even for pensioners.
  5. Employment with the duration of the experience of the last employer at least 3 months.
  6. Good credit history without delay on previous loans.

Documents for the conclusion of the contract

To arrange refinancing, the borrower prepares the following package:

  1. A completed application.
  2. Russian passport.
  3. Certificate confirming labor income (in the form of a bank, 2-NDFL, an extract from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, declaration of income, other options).

For refinancing in 2018, the borrower will need to submit documentation from the first bank that issued the loan: a certificate with information about the remaining debt, a document with details for transferring the remaining amount of the complete closing of the credit line.

After Bank transfers an amount equal to the balance of the debt, according to the details issued by the first lender, the borrower must request a certificate confirming the absence of any claims under the loan agreement.

The restructuring program at Bank is conducted according to the standard scheme used by many other financial structures, offering particularly favorable rates and convenient terms for returning funds to new customers.


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