Advantages of fast loans

When you have an unforeseen expense, you want to make a somewhat larger purchase than usual or need cash, you can use different tools to specify your payments.

What are the advantages of fast loans and differences with credit cards

What are the advantages of fast loans and differences with credit cards

The most common is the credit card. The problem is that many times the so-called “plastic” has no rest or you do not have the limit of money necessary for certain expenses … On the other hand, not everyone has access to it. Currently, many people are leaning towards progress. I will tell you why and what are the main advantages of fast loans.

The requirements

loan requirements

The most complicated when obtaining a credit card are the requirements, which are many. The bank asks for a minimum amount of income, you must be over 21 years old, present a salary receipt or other proof and pay monthly the maintenance of an account and the annual renewal of the card. While, to request a personal loan from Easy Bank the requirements are minimal, look at them by clicking here.

Papers vs online

online loan

To get a credit card you have to present a lot of papers and vouchers. Not even to ask for a bank loan ! To the list of procedures you have to add the waiting time until they answer you, and most of the time the answer is negative. Instead, you can ask me for an advance 24 hours a year, all year. From anywhere, you enter the web or download the Easy Bank app on your cell phone and in a few steps you apply for the loan and receive approval. The whole process is online and in a couple of clicks you have the accredited silver.

Amount and cash

Amount and cash

I can give you up to $ 20,000, but you decide what is the right amount that you need and that you can return to me within the established period. With the card you cannot pay those amounts! Nor do you have the cash that Easy Bank will deposit in your account (on the day). With the money in hand you can buy, pay or do whatever you want. 

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